A Little History

The station was assigned the call letters KBHQ on July 17, 1998 after being purchased in 1997 from Eight Chiefs Inc., a company owned by Arthur Mobley, Ragen Henry and Syndicated Communications Incorporated. Under Eight Chiefs the call letters were KJUL (the Jewel). The Jewel had long been Las Vegas’ heritage Nostalgic station, featuring hits from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Torme.’ The coverage area for KJUL-FM 104.7, originating from atop Mt. Potosi, was the largest footprint in the nation. On July 20, 2005, the station changed its call sign to KWLY then again on November 4, 2005 to the current KJUL.[2]

The station was originally licensed in 2001 in Moapa Valley under the call sign KBHQ. In 2005, KBHQ was upgraded to a full class-C1 facility by increase of tower height and 100 kW ERP, with a signal serving the NorthEast Las Vegas market metro area. KBHQ became classic country “Willie” KWLY on July 20, 2005, and then on November 7 adopted the adult-standards format abandoned by Beasley Broadcasting‘s KCYE, which switched to country music.


  • Melanie DJ

    Melanie is from Pasadena, California, where as a young girl she received her ” official training” for her future career by working at her dad’s diner, meeting people from all walks of life. She started her radio on-air career in Bishop, California and from there went to Mammoth…

  • Scott Gentry DJ-GM

    A 50-year veteran of broadcasting, Mr. Gentry’s lengthy career has forged a solid foundation of industry knowledge and experience. His early entry into broadcasting began in 1968, with Armed Force Radio and Television, during the Vietnam War.  As he says “That’s when I fell in love with Broadcasting”.  “I was hooked the minute I opened the microphone”.

  • David Allen DJ

    I wanted to be a radio broadcaster my entire life, listening to radio stations constantly as a kid and then studying Radio and TV for a career at Michigan State University. As all radio people have, I’ve worked at lots of stations in all parts of the country but have found Las Vegas to be my favorite place of all!

How Our DJ’s Measure Up

So many DJ’s, so many personalities. What makes our DJ’s your favorite? We put together a few areas of their “expertise” and had our staff rate them for you. We hope you enjoy these graphs and if you disagree with any of them please feel free to contact us and let us know what you think the correct numbers should be.




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