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About Kjul

Welcome to the Soundtrack of Your Life and the station that keeps your music and memories alive today! The songs from your first date, dancing at the prom, driving under the stars, your wedding, heading home from the hospital with each of your newborn children, listening at work, or while kicked back on vacation. Today you can still thrill to the Soft Adult Contemporary sounds of proven hit music by Elton John, Elvis Presley, the Bee Gees, Chicago, Billy Joel, Celine Dion, Air Supply, Dion Warwick, Michael Buble, The Beatles, Anne Murray, Whitney Houston, and the Carpenters to name a few. Music showcased by the veteran Air Staff you have known and loved for years: Scott Gentry and David Allen. Companions you know and trust.

Let’s Do Vegas the Local Way – Gilcrease Orchard

Las Vegas has some great attractions Downtown and on The Strip, but did you know there are some incredible things to do away from those areas? Take, for example, the Gilcrease Orchard. Take a look at what Gilcrease Orchard has in store for your Vegas adventure.

DJ & Staff

At KJUL we have a very laid back approach to working. When you are having fun doing what you do for a living, it’s not really work at all. We all love being part of the KJUL family and want you to join in and learn more about us too.

Scott Gentry


A 50-year veteran of broadcasting, Mr. Gentry’s lengthy career has forged a solid foundation of industry knowledge and experience. His early entry into broadcasting began in 1968, with Armed Force Radio and Television, during the Vietnam War. As he says “That’s when I fell in love with Broadcasting”. “I was hooked the minute I opened the microphone”.

David Allen


I wanted to be a radio broadcaster my entire life, listening to radio stations constantly as a kid and then studying Radio and TV for a career at Michigan State University. As all radio people have, I’ve worked at lots of stations in all parts of the country but have found Las Vegas to be my favorite place of all!