Scott GentryDJ-GM

A 50-year veteran of broadcasting, Mr. Gentry’s lengthy career has forged a solid foundation of industry knowledge and experience. His early entry into broadcasting began in 1968, with Armed Force Radio and Television, during the Vietnam War.  As he says “That’s when I fell in love with Broadcasting”.  “I was hooked the minute I opened the microphone”.

In 1971, Mr. Gentry entered commercial broadcasting as on-air talent for KTKT AM in Tucson, Arizona and later he and his wife Andrea Gail, moved with their three children to KOOL FM in Phoenix Arizona. In 1972, Scott Gentry was hired by Lotus broadcasting Corp. as morning on-air talent for KENO radio, in Las Vegas Nevada. During his time with Lotus Broadcasting, he became the number one morning personality in Las Vegas and developed a keen sense of radio programming.  After five years he was promoted to Corporate Program Director for Lotus’s then 11 stations. Within a short period of time Scott managed to turn 8 of the 11 stations they owned, into top rated performers.

A desire for additional challenges, Scott directed his interest toward poor performing radio properties such as, KISN FM, KLUB AM, KTKK AM, in Salt Lake City, as well as a few years with KDOT AM and KHYK FM in Provo Utah.  As a result of his expertise, each property grew exponentially, yielding an excellent return to each of the properties’ corporations.

In 1988 Mr. Gentry was persuaded to return to Las Vegas and join OIZ Advertising, to launch a new neighborhood casino concept, called Arizona Charles. During his time at OIZ, he developed strengths in product branding and marketing, and worked with a multitude of local businesses, casinos, county Commissioners and Gubernatorial candidates. As expected many of those clients and candidates, went on to successful businesses or political office.

In 1990, Scott purchased KREL AM radio in Las Vegas, Nevada, along with a Hispanic shareholder group, he helped to organize.  It was the first Spanish language radio station in Las Vegas and Scott saw the potential of the flourishing Spanish population in Southern Nevada.  Then in 1993, Scott Gentry put together a partnership group, to purchase KBLR Television, channel 39, in Las Vegas.  This failing television station became a success under the experience and direction of Mr. Gentry, as he built and developed, the first full-power Spanish language television station in Las Vegas, Telemundo, which he sold to NBC, the network owner, in 2005.

This pattern continues today as he and his brother Kurt have brought KJUL FM back to the airwaves at 104.7 FM, along with converting KREL into KOOL 102.3 FM and 1280 AM, after he purchased it from it’s original remaining partners.

Today Scott enjoys days filled with managing Summit Media Radio and hosting the morning show on KJUL-FM, as well as spending as much time as possible with his wife of 43 years, Andrea-Gail, their four children and of course, their six grandchildren.  Anyone who knows Scott, knows he loves what he does and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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