DIY Hand Sanitizer

Courtesy of Molly Maid.

1.            Disinfecting wipes:

  • zip lock bag
  • Paper towels
  • Two parts 91% isopropyl alcohol* to one-part water  

2.            Commonly used areas to use wipes: Switch plates, handles, doorknobs, toys, backpacks, steering wheel, etc.

3.            Wash the washing machine: run a cycle with just soap, bleach and hot water. This will help eliminate all of the germs and bacteria that accumulates in those small tight areas inside of the washer.

4.            Hand Sanitizer: 1 part aloe vera & 2 parts of 91% isopropyl alcohol

  • 70% isopropyl alcohol – 9 parts to 1 part water
  • 91% isopropyl alcohol – 2 parts to 1 part water

6.            Handwashing on the go: Mix soap and water in a bottle to carry in cars. Have a separate bottle of just water to rinse hands off.

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